On Being A Flight Attendant

Hello everyone!

This is a more personal post in which I want to tell you where I made my very first travel experiences on my own.

You might wanna choose this path one day yourself. I think its really one of the most exciting jobs in this world: the flight attendant.

This is where I worked (click once to watch the video):

edelweiss air

I applied during my last year of highschool. Instead of starting my studies right away, I wanted to explore the world first! After a rather challenging assessment day, I got accepted. I was 18 and my dream just came true. Just a few days after graduating, I started flight attendant class at the Operation’s Center 1 at Zurich airport. I was gonna be a host in the sky, I was gonna earn some serious money and move out from my parent’s house, and most importantly, I was going to get to the Dominican Republic, Cuba, the USA, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius, the Maldives, Thailand, China and Japan!

Here are some pictures of the destinations (please scroll down to the end of the article).

To be honest, I also must tell you about some bad sides of this job. It’s irregular and you have to deal with jet lag. Meaning you won’t be able to have a proper private life at home as we call it. Your friends and family may see you or may not – it depends on your flight plan. In addition, you might get bored with serving coke and hot meals all the time. Most of my collegues and customers were nice, but it can get very superficial because you never spend much time together. And there is the normal percentege of stupid and annoying people, which tend to get more easily on your nerves when you’re on a 17-hours-duty. But enough of it. It all pays off when you step out of the plane, breath in the fresh air of a new place and feel the excitement of the crew to spend this layover together on a amazing spot of our planet.




-Serving in business class.


-«Playa blanca» beach on the Dominican Republic


-A beach near Phuket, Thailand


-One of many temples in Thailand


-The tower at Zurich airport


-Inflight cabin of an edelweiss airbus A330-300

Whitehorse 2 104 -Colored ground on Mauritius
MBA mit Noemi 257-Tsavo East National Park in Kenya 
IMG_0857-South Africa
IMG_0089-Osaka, Japan

IMG_0327-You name it...

Whitehorse 2 150-Capetown


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