Venice and Milano, do’s and dont’s

Here are some tips and tricks for your next trip to Venice or Milano, plus a view photos TAKEN BY MY BOYFRIEND. Here we go.

– Venice at night time is taking your breath away. It's like no place I've ever been to.
What you SHOULD do in Venice:
  • Try the dish «seppia à la venetia» with its special ingredient
  • Go to the monastery island of San Georgio
  • Take a walk at the «Zattere» quay
  • Try one of Nico’s famous icecream (I like mint and chocolate)
  • Get up early and arrive at 7 o’clock in Venice, and you’ll have the city on your own before the tourist masses arrive
  • Get a «Rolling Venice»-pass for young people and buy a 3-day-ticket for public transport with a 7-Euro-discount
  • See the colorful island of Burano
  • Have a drink of «Spritz all Apérol» (literally everyone drinks that)
SONY DSC– From a distance, one can fully enjoy the «Basilica San Marco»
What you don’t have to do in Venice
  • See the beach of «Alberoni» on the island of «Lido». The view is rather disillusioning (industrial) and the beach is dirty. However, you will get away from the tourists and be able to admire some kite surfers
  • Go to the vegetable market at the «Rialto» bridge, there are more Indians than locals
SONY DSC– Who is paying the inhabitants of «Burano» to paint their houses on a regular bases?
Milano highlights
  • «Il duomo» of course! The details and the view are stunning. Tell me if you have seen the corn statue
  • The «Navigli»-district with cute bars and restaurants, especially if you miss Venice
SONY DSC– View from the ancient to the modern: «Il Duomo» vs. Milano's CBD.
Milano adventures

One night at the Milano train station! Hundreds of homeless people, no open restrooms and the risk of spending the night on a train coach and being caught by a policeman. NOT glamorous.

亲亲, bisous,


Ps.: Next post will be written from and about CHINA!


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